Marco Chiesa, better known as Marco JS is an italian DJ/producer born in 1983. The passion for DJ-ing started in 1999 as Marco bought his first pair of Stanton T10 turntables. Starting his career in a small club in Milan, his home town, Marco has worked as a radio DJ covering various styles and genres with a focus on EDM music.

MJS’s sound is just a matter of rhythm; a combination of straight Techno and tribal funky Tech-House

The perfect mixture of different sounds suitable for the dance floor. He created his own hybrid “journey into the electronic music” sound, which perfectly fits as well in theatres and festivals.

In 2008 Marco JS also started to produce; his first single “6AM”, was rank 2 at the Track-it-down Techno Top 100 for 2 weeks. Since that time, Marco has released numerous tracks on various labels and he is ready to rock as an official DTT producer.